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     Bhairavi SangeetaAcademy  - Teaching Methodology



    Voice Culture

     a.  Production of Voice
     b.  Voice Care
     c.  Accuracy in maintaining Sruti
     d.  Range/Pitch development
     e.  Vocal Exercises for improving clarity in rendition
     f.   Modulations

    Laya Exercises

     a.  Exercises for improving Laya
     b.  Providing training for Laya oriented Singing (Basic lessons to Varnam-s in different
          gathi-s and speeds)

    Swara Knowledge

     a.  Teaching with anuswara-s(spellings) for Gamakas
     b.  Training to improve knowledge in identifying the swara-s underlying a sangati in a
          composition or a melodic phrase
     c.   Reading and writing notation

    Concert Experience

     a.  Live Concert listening experience of Expert Musicians
(through monthly concert organized by the Academy)

     b. Performance opportunities to Students in the presence of a large invited  audience

    A Vast Library of Books and Cassettes
    Presentations in the Classrooms
    Guest Lectures by experienced Musicians
    Special guidance to participate in various Classical Music Competitions
    Music Appreciation


It is a sad observation that an average Indian knows very less about his own music, and therefore, is not able to appreciate it in the right manner. To enjoy and appreciate classical music, the students and listeners should have knowledge of musical traditions supplemented by a rich concert listening experience.

The students of the Academy are provided an understanding of how to listen, enjoy and appreciate classical music through meaningful demonstrations during their classes and also during special sessions.

Apart from these, the students are also encouraged to participate in interactive sessions with the Guru and also with the Experts during Special sessions in the Academy, wherein they get an opportunity to discuss and clarify on various aspects of Music.



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