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Our expertise and multitude of musical knowledge is represented by the progress and accomplishments of the students of the Academy.

Many of our students have passed the Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Post-Graduate Course Exams in Carnatic Music with Distinction and some young students have also won Central Government’s CCRT Scholarships and a number of prizes in various Music competitions – National and Regional, including the prestigious competitions held by the Madras Music Academy, the Navya Nataka Samiti, which are all India competitions and the competitions conducted by Kalasagaram, SICA, Annamacharya project - Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams etc. These budding talent are also giving classical music concerts at various prestigious sabhas and becoming promising young artistes.

Several of his students have also stood out as winners of various singing reality shows on Television and have made their names in the film industry as good playback singers. Some of them also act as anchors and mentors of singing shows. To name a few of these shining stars: Krishna Chaitanya, Pradeep Kumar (Deepu), Pranavi, Naga Sahithi, Harshika, Raghuram, Prudhvi Chandra, Aditya, Rahul, Shashikiran, Pradeepthi, Sarath Santosh, P.V.N.S. Rohith, Nikhil Reddy, Mounika, Pravasthi etc.,

Students of ‘Bhairavi’ have also given a number of performances in various concerts organized by the Sabhas and Temples of Hyderabad on several occasions.




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