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Vol 2 - Issue  3&4 – July-Dec, 2012

  Tribute to Great Masters

Tribute to Great Masters
 - Sri Gadavalli Paidiswamy

- with 'Padmasri' Dr.Yella Venkateswara Rao

Swayambhu Swaras
- An article by Dr.Saraswathi Vasudev

Meet the Artiste
- Sri D.V.Mohana Krishna

-  A Varnamin Raga Simhendramadhyamam
-  Dwikala Chauka Pallavi in Raga Shanukhapriya

Your Research Guide
- Dr. N. Ramanathan

Vaggeya Hridayam
- A visual rendition of Vaggeyakara's compositions

Glimpse of a Thesis
- Pitch Analysis in Karnataka Music' by Dr.K. Madhumohan

Budding Talent
- Ramya Kiranmayi Chaganti
- Karthika Anagha Devarakonda

Children’s Page
- Andhra desamlo Kshetralu - Vaggeyakarula Rachanalu
- An Article in Telugu by Dr.Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam

Meeku Telusa?
- Feauture in Telugu with interesting facts and anecdotes in Music.

Happenings / Reviews
- CD Reviews


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Pranava Nadam…
   From the Editor’s pen

Dear Readers,

Namaskaram.  We thank all our readers, subscribers and philanthropists for encouraging us in our passionate Endeavour - PRANAVAM.  Your compliments that the magazine is unique and one of its kind in its features and content has been a great encouragement to us. Your support has been motivating and has been become the fuel to keep us going on. We are only two men army working with this magazine. Inspite of so many constraints, limitations and unforeseen circumstances, we are making untiring efforts to bring the magazine to you. So kindly excuse us for the delay in schedules. Please bear with us till we put things in the right order and ensure a regular dispatch to you.

We once again take this opportunity to request all the research scholars to come forward with their doubts to seek the very valuable expert guidance of Dr. N.Ramanathan. Further, we also welcome the Ph.D.awardees in Music to make the best utilization of the feature "Glimpse of a Thesis" by sending us the details of their research work. We also request the readers to send us your valuable suggestions for further improvement of the magazine.

In order to give a long life to 'PRANAVAM', Readers are request to send in their subscriptions to the magazine and also encourage us by making the magazine known to your family and friends. Looking forward to your cooperation and support always....

In the service and promotion of music...


                                       Dr. Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam





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