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Great. We invoke Goddess Saraswati to bestow all blessings for your new endeavour.

Prof. V. Aravinda Hebbar
Secretary, Raga Dhana Udupi ( R)


Wishing you all the best.


Dr.Radha Bhaskar, Editor, Samudhra, Chennai


Many thanks for sending PRANAVAM Oct – Dec. 2009 issue to me.  Kindly convey my Greetings and deep appreciation to Dr. Sripada Pinakapani, for achieving excellence both in Medicine and Music - performance and writing.

Dr. Pinakapani is senior to me by 5 years : I am 91.  I used to visit Chennai when Dr. Raghavan was looking after Madras  Music Academy morning session.  Also Parthasarathi.  I have close friends in Dr. R. Sathyanarayana, Dr. N. Ramanathan, Dr. SAK Durga, etc of South.   Thanks to the interviewer, - he has done a thorough job.

“Long Life to PRANAVAM”.

R.C. Mehta

Musicologist, Baroda


The cover with the auspicious picture of Maestro Dr. Sripada Pinakapani itself is stimulating.   Many many thanks for the October issue of ‘Pranavam’.   It has  some very illuminating write-up.   I congratulate you on your wonderful endeavour.   Keep it up. 

S. Chandrasekhar



Received with many thanks the copy of “Pranavam”, the esteemed Music Journal.   It is a great honour you have done to Dr. Sripada Pinakapani, an honoured Music Vidwan and a great Guru. By the Front Page Photo of Dr. Pinakapani, you have honoured a great Musician to be honoured a hundred times and with hundred Pranams.    I attended his erudite lecture demonstration at Music Academy, Madras years ago on Laya, Music, Pallavi etc.   His knowledge of Laya is immense !  His teaching is simple and direct !


As one associated with Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam for over 5 decades and as a reviewer of Music and Dance, I welcome your Music Journal (through arts) and pleased with it very much.    Sustain it for decades to come !


K R Krishnamurthi, Chennai


Namaskara. A friend of mine gave me a copy of the magazine Pranavam. I liked it very much.   It carries good articles - your interview of Dr Pinakapani garu, Dr Ramanathan's piece, and especially the one on Copyrights and Indian Music.  

S Sankaranarayanan



I am very glad to learn that you have launched 'Pranavam'. Wish you all success in your endeavour for the cause of music. 

Damodara  Rao Dasu

CA, U.S.A.


Congratulations for the launch of "PRANAVAM" - a bi-lingual music quarterly. It is high time since there is another music magazine.  I live in Los Angles, CA. I will try to propagate the news to the music lovers here. 

Sandhya Vinjamuri



Glad to note the giant strides you have taken in the field of music.  God bless you and your endeavours. 

M.P. Subramaniam


Congratulations for launching unique and interesting magazine. It's get up is also looking very good and very attractive.  

Dr. P.B. Kanna Kumar

Department of Music, Delhi University


I have read the Magazine "PRANAVAM" which is quite informative. Dr. Balasubrahmanyam garu has put in sincere efforts to launch this magazine which is useful to all the people of Carnatic Music community.

This first Magazine (Oct-Dec 09 edition) has covered various interesting topics for example:  - an Interview with "The Teacher's Teacher" - 'Sangeetha Kalanidhi' Dr. Sripada Pinakapani garu,   a topic to guide the Research Scholars " Your Research Guide" by Dr. N. Ramanthan,  Copyrights in Indian Music by 'Flute Virtuoso' Jayaprada Ramamurthy etc. 




I got a copy of the Magazine through my niece  Smt Jaya Thiagarajan (Bangalore).  The feature on Sri Sripada Pinakapani is highly informative.

All the best for the publication!




Dear Sri Dr. Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam, 

I extend my Good Wishes to you for the Success of ‘Pranavam’.   I enjoyed reading the articles;    I was very impressed with your effort in bringing out a new concept in the area of Research and Academic material, hitherto not attempted so far by any other magazine, as far as my knowledge goes -   I mean the column by Dr. N. Ramanathan, an esteemed Scholar, guiding students of Research with his vast knowledge and experience.    My hearty congrats to you for including such a valuable topic which is very crucial for the current academic scene.    Best Wishes and Regards … 

-  Nandini Ramani

Managing Trustee

Dr. V. Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts, Chennai


Dear Vidwan Dr. Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam garu, 

I heartily congratulate you on extending your musico-intellectual activity to producing the useful ‘Pranavam’ Quarterly dedicated to Music.   I congratulate you on naming the magazine ‘Pranavam’ carrying all the relevant significance thereof for our art.  I congratulate you on the beautiful get up of the volume.   I congratulate you on your planning the variety in topics and subjects for the issues of the magazine.   I can see that there are more abilities of yours as a musician, musicologist, author etc., to be congratulated on. 

I sincerely wish the magazine, its editors, publishers and the management fraternity unhurdled success in being useful to the music fraternity and society in spreading the right things, right values, reliable truths of music and its true aesthetic excellence and value.

-  ‘Nada Nidhi’ Prof. R. Visweswaran




Dear Sir,


I would like to appreciate your tireless effort to attain such achievement in Andhra Pradesh. I went through the magazine and felt very happy. This type of music magazine is launched first time and also in right time in the state.  Your magazine is a torch for the young researchers and students those who are studying music as a main subject. Many researchers including me are getting guidance through the ‘Your research guide’ feature of your magazine. 

‘Pranavam’ is a name which became very famous among the musicians all over the world in a short span of time. Music lovers and Musicians will really get benefited through this magazine.  I am very glad to congratulate you for this precious magazine. 

-  J. Sankar Ganesh

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Music

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati


Dear Sangitacharya,                                               

‘Pranavam’ I-3 issue is illumined by the interview with Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy.  He bears and carries the dignity and elegance worthy of one who has been crowned by an admirable flood of deserving honours, the weight of which should be astounding to many others, to every successive concert. .  I used to wonder at the capacity of Tendulkar who seems to grow younger with every innings he plays distinguished by his hefty contribution.  It is so with like titans ‘Semmangudi’ and ‘Lalgudi’, both of whom are rightly admired by the Sangita Kalanidhi. Dr. Krishnamurthy earned his wide popularity not only by his dedication, devotion, experience and expertise, but also by the excellence of his mastery in rendition and the decorum he maintains on the dais and elsewhere.  It is like the Ganges in full flow!  He is a model summit artiste to draw inspiration from.    

Garland’ N. Rajagopalan

I.A.S., Retd.,  Chennai


Dear Dr. Balasubrahmanyam,  

PRANAVAM is a collector’s piece.   It carries wonderful reading material, especially the exhaustive interview with Nedunuri, about whom I had the occasion to write more than once !  Let me congratulate you on your pioneering efforts.   May the worthy quarterly flourish. 

-  S.N. Chandrasekhar



Dear Dr. Sri V. Balasubrahmanyam garu,  

As a Musicologist, I greatly welcome the main article, the Interview you had with ‘Sangeeta Kalanidhi’ Dr. Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, whose link with Chennai Music Circle is so well known and so dear.  As a distinguished disciple of Dr. Pinakapani, he inherited the best from the Doctor and dazzled like a diamond. 

………With Best Wishes for your continued brave efforts

- K. R. Krishnamurthi

Sr. Writer & Author, Chennai


Dear Dr. Balasubrahmanyam, 

Let me congratulate you on your yeomen service to music by being an Editor of “PRANAVAM”, the musical journal published from Hyderabad.   As I went through the issues of PRANAVAM, I found them interesting and useful.   Especially the section ‘Glimpse of a Thesis’ is very educative and informative.   Overall, I find PRANAVAM very interesting to read and I highly appreciate your dedicated efforts in this regard.   I wish you continue this forever.   Wish you all Success. 

-  Dr. R.N. Taranathan

(Rudrapatnam Brothers)



Dear Dr. Balasubrahmanyam,  

I am delighted to go through the articles in Pranavam April-June 2010.  As an editor you have done an excellent job. Keep it up.  The content is research oriented and the contributors have done justice.  I have close association with Dr. Nedunuri for the last 3 decades and the interview is interesting.   

It is not easy to run a music magazine and I appreciate your efforts.   Your scholarship and authority on musicology made the issue a vibrant magazine. 

Dr. R.A. Padmanabha Rao, M.A., Ph.D.,

Retd. Deputy Director General - Doordarshan



Dear Dr. Balasubramanyam, 

I am delighted to go through the interviews covered in your magazine.  I  have got good information about their musical intelligence and musical guidance to younger generation.  Younger generation musicians should carry their advises to reach their positions. I am very happy to know about Sri Annavarapu Ramaswamy’s new ragas and new compositions on Durga Devi.   Keep doing this yeoman service to karnatic music world.

Dr. P.B. Kanna Kumar

Associate Professor

Dept. of Music, Delhi University, Delhi


Dear Editor,  

I have gone through your magazine.   Congratulations for bringing out the Magazine in a different way from routine.  It is very educative in all aspects. 

- ‘Veena Praveena’  Duddu Seetharamaiah

Principal,  SBR Govt. College of Music & Dance, Secunderabad


Dear Doctor garu,  

I congratulate you for bringing out “PRANAVAM”, the first of its kind.  It requires a lot of hardwork, patience and stamina.  I pray God to give you strength and good health to pursue with “PRANAVAM” 

- P. Krishna Iyer

Retd. Joint Director of Agriculture (A.P)


Dear Editor,

I congratulate you on running this very informative magazine which is very useful to the Research Scholars and also to the music interested people ………


Dr. A. Anuradha


Dept. Of Music, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam


Dear Sir,

I am happy to see your music magazine with various useful topics for the younger generations and also for researchers.  Andhra Pradesh is quite in need of such magazines which will propagate the wonderful art of music. I extend my good wishes to you for the success of ‘PRANAVAM’.

Dr. R.N.S. Saileshwari

Asst. Professor,  Dept. of Music & Fine Arts

Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati


Dear Sangeetacharya, 

May your laudable, pioneering work be successful and productive and shed musical laurels and nutritious fruits with everlasting appeal, fragrance and palate.   

Garland’ N. Rajagopalan

I.A.S., Retd.,  Chennai


Dear Sir,  

Your Magazine is coming out well and has new and useful features of interest to students of Music, of all ages.   I wish you all the best. 

 Smt. Kusuma Rao

Vainika, Bangalore 


Dear Editor,  

As always, the ‘Jan-Mar. 2011’ issue of ‘PRANAVAM’ has very interesting and educative features.   The interview of Sri Akella garu has been extremely enlightening.   I wish you all the very best for success in your endeavour.


- P. Sunitha



Dear Sir,
I am happy very happy to see a music magazine like yours.  You are doing a great service to music by featuring some important aspects of Music and Musicians. They are useful and inspiring to all aspirants and lovers of music.  May your efforts take you a long way.

M. Anasuya Raghav











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