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Bhairavi Sangeeta Academy is honoured and humbled to be serving the Music community. The activities of the Academy include organizing lec-dems, concerts, seminars, workshops for music lovers and students; facilitating research through archival, documentation and publication of musical material; producing audio and video CDs and conducting music festivals and competitions.


Imparting a value-based education while focussing on professional training

Training in Voice Culture, Laya, Gamakas, Reading & Writing Notation, Manodharma Sangeetam,  etc.,

Conducting special classes in Musicology

Preparing the Students for various Examinations, Competitions and Concerts
Creating awareness in the people about the richness of Classical Music

Developing a sense of respect, love and appreciation for Classical Music

Organizing lec-dems on music related subjects by eminent Scholars and Musicians

Arranging periodic chamber music concerts featuring well-known/budding artists

Conducting Seminars, Workshops, Competitions and Quiz contests in Music for music lovers and students

Organizing music festivals to commemorate the great composers of Carnatic music

Facilitating research through archival of various rare books and manuscripts related to Music

Publishing music books / Magazine

Producing Audio and Video CDs – Lessons / Music



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